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Lucash Racing Engines of Northern Virginia specializes in engine design, machining, complete engine builds, engine testing, dyno services and more for all makes & models of engines. We are a full-service performance shop and state of the art testing facility catering to all vehicles from vintage hot rods and engine transplants to daily driven cars, trucks, and SUVs. The shop can handle engine, drive train and suspension up-grades or enhancements, as well as full general service for the daily driver through our Pro-Auto Performance division.

Lucash Racing Engines, together with Pro-Auto Performance Center, offers decades of technical restoration and racing knowledge, complete race car engine builds, fabrication skill, dyno tuning, and more. We provide excellence and integrity in all of our work taking you from concept to reality. Starting with world class precision engine building to engine dyno testing, installation and final tuning and drivability. Lucash Racing Engines and Pro-Auto Performance Center are truly a one stop shop when it comes to fulfilling your dream car build or general car service.

If you need some assistance with your classic restoration or want top-of-the-line drag race, street race, or road race engine experts, contact the pros at Lucash Racing Engines!

Pro Auto Performance Center is the local auto repair facility you can trust and rely upon. Give us a call at 540-935-2355 to schedule all your repair needs.

We love anything with an engine and have been learning about what goes on inside them since we could see under the hood. Our owner, David Lucash, turned his passion for engines from a hobby back in the early 80s to being able to dream with our customers over every engine he works on. We are not a giant company, but that is a strength because we can take the time to focus on what’s important. All engines are built using the best choice in parts while trying to keep the end cost as affordable as possible.

At Lucash Racing Engines, the experience level runs deep. Our restoration specialist knows what classics should look like, because he was driving them before they were classics. We also are not afraid to do things no one else is doing and have some unique things to offer as a result. At Lucash Racing Engines this isn’t just a job, but a passion.

What is Being Said…

Colin Hoffmanfive stars
David rebuilt a bottom end for an old 86 saab 2.0 turbo block for me. It has been a while since I was able to get it dropped in my saab but I can only say that it runs extremely well. All of my correspondence with David was great and he really delivered for me and I’m enjoying the engine that is in my car now daily. He is great and I will use him for services again and again.

Christopher Gadonfive stars
When my engine dropped a wrist pin I began searching for a competent and reliable engine builder and David stood out from the crowd in more ways than one. Obviously more than competent and as honest as the day is long it became exceptionally clear I came to the right place, later I was pleasantly surprised to find it was a full service shop that could handle literally anything and everything and handle it well.
It's been about 4 months now and I'm more than happy with the results. The motor that went in was a 1st gen SBC 383 David designed and put together then dropped it into my 69 Chevelle then did some frame welding along with a few other fixes sending me on my way with a little over 500 horses and 530 lbs of torque that hums perfectly along. Idles just as cool as a cucumber and when you step on it, it screams and you better be holding on. Thank you David! Couldn't be happier!

John Brownfive stars
Drive a performance vehicle? Need some work done? This is the place that will keep it humming. Want your stocker upgraded? When Dave is finished with it, you will be beyond pleased. Dave and Mike will treat you more than fairly, and you will be more than happy with their work. My Cobra goes no where else.